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Murray Cod will eat just about any lure when they are in the mood. There are a variety of lures that are proven "fish takers" and they all fall into one of the following 5 categories.

l Hard Bodied Lures......................l

l Surface Lures...........................

l Spinner Baits........................... l

l Soft Plastics............................l

l Lipless Crank Baits..................l


Hard bodied lures are by far the most popular lures when it comes to trolling. They are available in lengths from 5cm up to a whopping 20cm and beyond. The later are suited to targeting Murray Cod. Spinner baits can also be trolled but are better suited to casting. Tip Keep your lures as close to the bottom at all times. Lures that are floundering mid water will go un-noticed and you fishless!!

Below: When fish like this hit trolled lures, you really know about it!

Surface lures are for those who want real excitement from their fishing. It must be said up front that the hook up rates are very poor but it's the "Boof" you're fishing for. One major advantage of fishing surface lures, is that they can be fished over the top of submerged structure and draw strikes where other lures would become snagged. At night they come into their own. Shallow water should never be ignored as plenty of good sized fish have come from water that is ignored by day. These lures are simple to use and can be used to cover all types of water. Get more info on our timber surface lures.

Below: Meter fish off the surface...It doesn't get better!!

Below: Even smaller fish can be extremely aggressive when taken off the surface!

Warning! Surface fishing for Murray Cod can be extremely frustrating!


Tip Don't be in a hurry to start your retrieve, let your lure sit for a few seconds. Strikes will often happen on "splash down".

Below: A great example of a "Splash Down" strike.


Spinner Baits are best used for casting rivers or impoundments. As they are a sinking lure they can be fished in any depth of water with ease. Casts made to large logs in a river situation will soon reveal if a fish is on the "chew". Murray Cod will often hit these lures before you have a chance to wind the reel into gear so be prepared.

Blade configurations vary from single Colorado, one round blade, to four bladed models that really send out plenty of vibration for the fish to home in on. My favorite combination is the twin Colorado with over sized blades. They are easy to work but most importantly allow you to keep in touch with the lure. Twin willow blades do not push nearly as much water by comparison. Tip To avoid snagging, keep your spinner bait off the bottom and always stay in touch with the lure. Braided line is best for this type of work.

Below: This fish was taken on the cast and at around the 100lb mark, is the wholly grail for all Murray Cod anglers.

Soft Plastics are not widely used on their own when chasing Murray Cod, however, they are used in conjunction with spinner baits to add "Bulk" to the lure. When a stinger hook is added to a spinner bait, it allows the soft plastic to be rigged in a way that it adds to the overall appearance and can entice more strikes if the fish are not fully co operating on the day.

Lipless Crank Baits burst onto the scene several years ago and gave lure casters an extra and potent weapon in their kit. Their first main targets were Bass, in the impoundments along the East coast of Australia.

Like the spinner bait revolution, these lures allow the angler to fish any depth with ease as they are a sinking bait.

In dams, weed beds that line the shores and others that are found throughout the dam, can be fished through the water column until an active fish is located. In a river situation, heavy cover like logs, rocks and ledges can be fished vertically and present to active fish, an easy meal. Some crank baits have rattles and others are silent. Special attention needs to be made to hooks when targeting Murray Cod using lipless baits. Standard hooks should always be upgraded.


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